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When it comes to a relationship between two Aries, passion is never an issue. They’re driven, spontaneous, and fun with a relationship that never seems to grow stagnant. They can pair up rather nicely – if they can get past their differences.... Keeping reading

Aries & Aries Compatibility

When it comes to a relationship between two Aries, passion is never an issue. They’re driven, spontaneous, and fun with a relationship that never seems to grow stagnant. They can pair up rather nicely – if they can get past their differences. They’re not the most common couple out there, nor one you’d think to put together at first. However, once they earn each other’s loyalty, they’re willing to stick with each other for the rest of the way. It’s getting started that’s the hard part.

Aries thrive when it comes to sharing the same values and activities, since they both know how the other is thinking. Mars is their ruling planet, and they’re direct, open about their thoughts, and vocal about any problems as soon as they arise. If they’re planning a trip together, they’ll likely have the same places and adventures marked on their maps to visit. Their competitive edge can push them to be the best version of themselves once they warm up to one another.

An Aries relationship is never lacking in passion or fun. With two spontaneous minds at play, they always have new date ideas to try out or places to visit. They won’t hesitate to drag their partner to the newest hiking trail, and their partner would love every moment of it. If they’ve always shared similar hobbies, it makes forming the relationship much easier for them.

Communication can be difficult between two Aries, especially when both are stubborn and easily fired up. Neither wants to admit they’re wrong or compromise, but making sacrifices is one of the biggest parts of keeping a healthy relationship. Small disagreements can quickly blow up between them, and they’ll have to work on bettering their otherwise temperamental personalities. However, if they share a lot of the same opinions, this can quickly deepen their relationship and trust that they place in one another.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Love & Intimacy Compatibility

Aries are known for their strong personalities, and that doesn’t change in a relationship between a pair of them. When two people with Aries signs are together, the result can be a dynamic and intense relationship. This results in a heated partnership, and they won’t hesitate to get intimate with each other.

However, their competitive natures can work for or against them. At best, they’ll push each other up and encourage personal growth. At worst, the constant competition may drive them apart.

Aries are also known for being stubborn and headstrong, which can lead to frequent arguments and heated discussions. They tend to have a selfish side, so they’ll have to actively make sure that they’re considering their partner’s needs and wants. Otherwise, it can end in anger and conflict rather than love, especially since both of them can act childish when things don’t go their way. The biggest concern is that they’re too focused on fulfilling their own satisfaction and wants instead of their partner’s.

Since their sign is ruled by Mars, you might end up with a couple that is more concerned about the physical components of intimacy than the emotional components. They’ll have to take special care to think about their partner’s desires if they want a successful relationship. Often, they may be able to tap into each other’s generous sides, and won’t hesitate in indulging their partner with gifts.

They’re one of the more straightforward signs, so there won’t be any need for drawn-out discussions or communication issues. If they have a problem, they’ll vocalize it and deal with it immediately. However, these discussions can quickly evolve into temper outbursts if they don’t focus on controlling their strong emotions.

They also easily understand each other’s need for independence, since they’re the same way. They feel like they thrive on their own and will give their partner space as well. The relationship is often strong and powerful, especially once the pair learns how to control the intensity.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to friendships, Aries are all about keeping things spontaneous and dynamic. Their competitive nature can lead to fun challenges to conquer, while their strong sense of independence can lead them on more adventures.

It’s this spontaneity that sets their friendships apart from others since they always have new ideas for things to try. However, both are also unafraid to speak their mind, and as a result, this might lead to conflicts and fights.

Once they get past the initial stage and grow comfortable with each other, they can form one of the strongest friendships possible. Their stubbornness can translate over to loyalty, and they’ll always have each other’s backs when facing off against the world. It’s getting to this stage that’s the difficult part. After all, Aries are just as likely to fight against each other than to fight on the same team.

Aries can have selfish natures, which can lead to a shaky relationship at the start. If they act too selfishly, they won’t be able to cooperate when it comes time to solve problems. Their outbursts can lead to heated arguments between the two, and they won’t hesitate to vocalize their thoughts and opinions – even if these opinions weren’t asked for.

Aries is a fire sign, and they both have a lot of energy as a result. With a friendship between two Aries, both won’t have to worry about tiring out the other person, and they can go on as many adventures as they want. As long as they learn to be more considerate of the other person and make sure their pride doesn’t get in the way, they’ll forge a strong friendship that can last years.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Emotional Compatibility

Aries are always upfront with how they feel, and this can help when it comes to emotions. They’re passionate about things that they care about, something that a fellow Aries can easily understand. Their outspoken and direct nature can cut through any hesitation when it comes to emotions, but can also lead to outbursts and fights.

Unfortunately, Aries also have a selfish streak that they’ll have to work on getting past. After all, one Aries may not care as much about how another Aries feels, even when they’re being upfront and open about how they’re feeling. While an Aries is in-tune with their own emotions, they might find it hard to relate to each other. When they feel down, they expect sympathy from the other, but when their partner is down, they may be impatient while waiting for them to feel better.

Aries may not be as supportive as other signs, but their strong loyalty can help strengthen their emotional connection. They’ll have to put extra work and thought into this aspect of their relationship, but it’s still possible. Their upfront natures can help support each other rather than lead to fights – but only if they work on considering their partner’s emotions.

The main thing to look out for is softening their words when they need to. They can be too mechanical at times, so working on tapping into their soft sides can help with their emotional compatibility. However, they’ll have to be careful and respect each other’s independence and strength since they’re fire signs, and as a result, they might end up overstepping bounds or not reaching out enough.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Values Compatibility

As the first sign of the zodiac, they’re one of the most forward and audacious personalities. Aries like being outspoken, direct, and clear. During conversations, they won’t hesitate to get to the heart of the matter. They have a low tolerance for hesitation and excess worry, and like focusing on the larger picture rather than the nuanced details. Sometimes, they just want to get things done.

Because of their headstrong nature and stubbornness, they understand the values another Aries might hold since they believe in the same thing. However, while they understand each other in theory, this doesn’t always translate to their real relationship. If both Aries are stubborn and unrelenting, they may end up at odds with each other, arguing more than they get along. Both may try to overpower one another rather than working together.

The ruling planet for Ares is Mars which makes them motivated, driven, and confident, driving them to be a natural leader among their peers. When there are two Aries in a room, they might get along and talk about their common interests and beliefs, or they might be driven by their competitive edge to outshine one another. If they can get past each other’s aggressive edge, they’ll find that they share many of the same core values.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Activities Compatibility

Fire signs are often adventurous and outgoing, and this helps a lot of their favorite activities line up. As action-oriented individuals, they like doing things more than thinking about them. They’re always more than ready to gear up for a white water rafting adventure, or to spend time exploring the great outdoors. If they prefer to stay inside, they like picking out new movies to watch, shows to explore, and much more.

They’re not the biggest fan of routines, preferring to try something exciting once in a while. While Aries can easily understand each other’s desire to follow their own schedules, this can lead to disorganization and miscommunication. For example, both might plan a surprise trip on the same day but to different locations! Their naturally impulsive attitudes can lead them to adventures they won’t get with anyone else, but unless they communicate, it may go to waste.

With Mars as their ruling planet, they can’t seem to get enough new challenges and competitions. Two Aries can motivate and push each other for personal best in activities, always demanding more from the other. However, the constant competition can exhaust both Aries if they don’t pace themselves. As a result, it’s important for Aries to remember to take breaks so that they can continue their adventure when both are well-rested once more.

However, while Aries are engaging, spontaneous, and adventurous, their creative side may be lacking. They’d enjoy skiing more than spending an afternoon indoors painting, and they’d almost always choose to try a new sport rather than writing a creative piece. Since both Aries will likely hold the same feelings, they form some of the strongest bonds while doing activities that they enjoy together. It’s hard to find a challenge that the pair might shy away from!

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Communication Compatibility

Aries are known for their stubbornness and competitiveness, and these aspects show in the way they communicate. When an Aries argues, they argue to win. Even in daily conversation, they want to assert their own dominance and prove their points. While they might bring up good points for what they believe, their fiery nature and passionate way of talking make it difficult for them to hold a calm, rational argument.

When they have an issue, they won’t have any trouble bringing it up with the other. While this is good for keeping small things from building up, it can lead to constant fighting as well. Neither wants to be the first to admit they were wrong, which can lead to even smaller arguments blowing up into something much bigger. They’re headstrong, and this makes it difficult for anyone to change their opinion – even a fellow Aries.

If the two Aries hold the same opinions and thoughts, their communication works out just fine – but this is a big “if,” and it can be difficult between Aries to work out any differences in thoughts they have. Sometimes, the best way for them to move forward is to leave the argument rather than carrying it all the way through, so they don’t end up damaging the relationship.

Mars is a planet of aggression, and this seeps through Aries’s words and actions. You might find tension brewing between the best pairing of two Aries, be it physical, verbal, emotional, or another form. It might be passive aggression heard in their tone of voice, or active aggression in their arguments and fights.

However, this tension isn’t always a deal-breaker. As long as both Aries realize they need to take a step back and think through their words before proceeding, they can mitigate most of their communication problems.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Trust Compatibility

It can be easy to tell when an Aries is dishonest. They’re defensive, angry, and seem to blow up as soon as you broach the subject. When two Aries are together, this compounds the issue. As fire signs, their passion can sometimes get ahead of them and lead them into fights that they weren’t looking for.

When it comes to trust, this is an area of struggle for Aries. Passion helps Aries love and stay loyal to their partners, but as soon as they feel like they aren’t getting the same loyalty in return, they won’t hesitate to close up. Following Mars, they’re not known for being tactful with their words, and sometimes their lack of delicacy around important subjects can make the other Aries close up. Their reactions can be too harsh or insensitive, and once one Aries has lost trust, the second follows quickly after.

Trust in an Aries relationship is very delicate, a constant balancing act between the two. Whether it’s a look that was interpreted the wrong way or feeling like their partner’s growing distant, it seems that there’s always about to be a fight between the two.

However, a partnership between two Aries can work as long as they’re open and receptive to the other’s feelings and voluntarily open up when needed.

Aries & Aries Aries & Aries
Work Compatibility

Aries has Mars as its primary planet, and as a result, they have a natural leadership about them. They aren’t scared to take charge of the newest project or vocalize their thoughts on a team. They bring passion and enthusiasm, making them a valuable asset to a workplace.

However, when two Aries are together, it could go one of two ways. They may try to take charge of each other, constantly arguing to assert their own dominance and independence. Their competitive nature could also fuel each other’s drive to perform even better, adding more energy to the current project and workspace.

Once two Aries start arguing, it’s hard for anyone to pull them apart. Neither wants to admit that they’re wrong, and they’ll keep fighting for as long as they feel they need to. The best way to mitigate this is to keep them on different projects or add them to the same project if they share many similar opinions on how to get it done.

If the two have a professional relationship where one is in charge of the other, it’s best for them to give each other as much independence as possible, so that they can act on their own. Sometimes, their impulsive thoughts might help the company!

Aries & Aries Compatibility Summary

When it comes to an Aries and Aries relationship, their passion and drive are unmatched by many. They might have their arguments, but their competitive natures can also bring out the best in each other. An Aries relationship will either be very short or very long as their loyalty, once earned, is hard to lose.

However, it can be difficult for them to get started when they’re first getting to know one another. If you’re in an Aries and Aries relationship, you’ll need to work on clear communication to get that passionate relationship all the couples admire.

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