October 23rd Birthday Horoscope

Birthday HoroscopeOctober 23rd

  • Sign Scorpio
  • Birthday Element Water
  • Lucky Colors Red 
  • Ruling Planet Mars  Pluto 
  • Birthstone Aquamarine
  • Most Compatible With Taurus  Cancer 
  • Tarot Card Death 

About the October 23rd Scorpio

October 23rd Scorpios are sometimes known for being sensitive people, though they don’t often like to show it. A great example of this sensitivity is found in the actor Ryan Reynolds, who shares this birthday. Ryan Reynolds has stated that his sensitivity is the reason why he went into acting, seeking an escape from his high levels of nervousness.

A downside to having this sensitivity is that Scorpios can sometimes be hurt easily, which again they won’t want to show. Not talking about this or addressing it means that it could fester, and Scorpio may find themself with a growing resentment. As difficult as it is, communication around this will be really helpful when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships.

October 23rd Scorpios also tend to be extremely passionate and driven people. Scorpios thrive when they’re working in a field or on something that they have a passion for. When they love something or someone, it tends to run very deeply and impress the people around them.

October 23rd Scorpios may find challenges with this passion, as it could make them lose the bigger picture. Sometimes practicality goes to the wayside in favor of Scorpio executing the direction they think they should go in. Communication with other colleagues will help significantly with all of these issues.

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac wheel, represented by the scorpion and ruled by both Pluto and Mars.

Scorpio is a water sign, which means that they tend to be driven by emotion. Water signs are usually intuitive and sensitive to changes in mood, which makes them extremely good at reading other people. Unfortunately, water signs that feel insecure can easily become clingy and passive-aggressive.

The modality for Scorpio is fixed, which means that they’re good at finding calm and strength in chaos. Fixed signs possess a lot of emotional fortitude, and can at times be very reflective. They are usually quite grounded but can sometimes be stubborn.

The tarot card that’s associated with Scorpio is Death (number 13). The card depicts Death as a skeleton in armor riding a white horse. Beneath the figure is an arrangement of bodies, which shows that Death doesn’t discriminate—it comes for everyone.

Death signifies transformation and endings, and typically means that one phase of the reader’s life is ending (and a new one is being ushered in). Scorpios are often known for being transformative and not shying away from rebirth, strongly invoking one of their ruling planets, Pluto.

October 23rd falls in the first week of the season of Scorpio. While this would put October 23rd on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio, there isn’t a very strong Libra influence. However, looking at the other planets and their placements in your natal chart will give more in-depth insights.

What Are the Traits of a October 23rd Scorpio?

Positive Traits: Passionate, Perceptive, Loyal

One of the traits that Scorpios are most commonly known for is being passionate. Scorpios don’t go into anything halfway, and their love for anything or anyone runs very deeply. Scorpios aren’t afraid to be expressive about their passion, and it often makes them become very good at the things they pursue with it.

Scorpios also tend to be extremely sensitive and perceptive people. Sometimes they’re thought of as mind readers, because many of them have high levels of empathy.

Finally, Scorpios also can be some of the most loyal and reliable friends that someone can have. This comes from their passion, and they’re also happy to sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of someone else.

Negative Traits: Suspicious, Resentful, Obsessive

Scorpios are known for going to great lengths to seek the truth, and this certainly isn’t a bad thing until Scorpio gets suspicious. This can happen fairly easily, especially with romantic partners, as their penchant for truth-seeking will cause them to see things that aren’t really there. Scorpios would do well to take a breath and approach things logically if these feelings begin to come up.

Grudges are something else that Scorpios can sometimes be known for, as they never forgive a slight. Processing those feelings in a healthy way will help a lot when it comes to resentment bubbling over and becoming reignited.

Scorpio’s passion can devolve into an unhealthy obsession if it’s left unchecked. Communicating openly about this with someone they trust will help a lot in terms of maintaining that balance.

What Is the Personality of a October 23rd Scorpio?

Scorpios really love their alone time, and the people around them may find that they become irritable when they don’t get enough of it. This time tends to be when Scorpios process their emotions

While they’re very independent they can also be clingy to those they love, especially if they suffer from insecurity. All signs are prone to contradictions in their personalities, but Scorpios are especially prone.

As discussed in traits, Scorpios are the most passionate sign of the zodiac. This passion is going to reflect on everything that they do, from their friendships to their career.

Scorpios are private people who typically have a small group of friends. These friends are highly valued and know a lot about Scorpio, however. While Scorpios can have fun among crowds and bigger social circles, they highly prefer the company of a few loyal people.

Scorpios love knowing the truth at the heart of any matter, but this can also mean that they see bad intentions when they aren’t there. They can be very blunt and always say what’s on their mind, which may be dangerous to their relationships when mixed with their suspicion.

Scorpios can sometimes have a need for control in any situation, which often leads them to be misunderstood as angry people. While Scorpios do tend to have an intensity, they have just as many emotions as anyone else. The need for control comes from their desire to protect themselves and their loved ones from being hurt.

Love & Compatibility for a October 23rd Scorpio

Scorpios and Taureans have a tendency to work really well together. Both are fixed signs, which means that they approach challenges in a similar way. This can mean that they’ll quickly understand each other in ways that may take longer for other signs to understand. Both signs also take a while to open up, meaning they won’t rush one another into a commitment, and they also tend to both be introverted.

This pairing may find challenges when it comes to each sign’s tendency to be stubborn. This clash will only happen if they’re on opposite sides about something, which may not be very often. Both signs would do well to remember patience and listening.

Another match that tends to go very well for Scorpio is Cancer, which is also a water sign. Cancers and Scorpios are both known for having an immense amount of emotional depth, so they’re likely to truly understand one another. Both signs also tend to be private people, so they’ll be on the same page when it comes to how much about their relationship to disclose.

Challenges that may come up for Scorpios and Cancers have to do with the way each sign communicates. Scorpios can sometimes be brutally honest, which may not sit well with Cancers. Scorpio will need to understand when to phrase things in a pleasant way. Along with this, Cancer will need to be honest about their needs around this.

Jobs & Skills for a October 23rd Scorpio

Scorpios work best when they’re able to work independently. This doesn’t mean it will be impossible for them to work in a team-based environment. They may just find it more draining.

Because Scorpios love working out hidden truths, especially when it comes to the human mind, they often make great candidates for the field of psychology. Other professions that place an emphasis on this skill, like private investigating, may also make them feel drawn.

Scorpios are usually very hard workers, especially when their job is something they’re passionate about. Scorpios don’t mind going the extra mile for something if it aligns with their interests.

Since Scorpios also tend to be trustworthy and reliable, this also makes them very good to work with. While Scorpios are usually very private around acquaintances, if they like someone at work they’ll likely be open to collaboration or helping a colleague.

Leadership positions aren’t something that Scorpios often search for, but they’re not afraid to take those positions if they believe the current leader is being unfair. When Scorpios do this, they typically hope that it’s a temporary fix.

Given a Scorpio’s penchant for loyalty, once they find a career or workplace that they mesh with it takes a lot for them to leave.

What Is in Store for a October 23rd Scorpio in 2023?

2022 is a transformative year for Scorpios. (Though, arguably, all years are very transformative for Scorpios!) There will be a lot of internal growth as well as a lot of work when it comes to assessing the people in your life. All of this will be for the better, and help Scorpios maintain a balance of freedom and stability.

Uranus and Neptune will help through the year when it comes to setting boundaries, enforcing them, and letting go of unhealthy connections. The solar eclipse in Gemini on June 3rd will also be a big point for this, as it occurs in your 8th house of intimacy. This time will be particularly powerful when it comes to establishing healthy relationships.

Lucky planet Jupiter goes into Pisces from May 13th to July 28th, in your 5th house of true love. During this time particularly, there will be a lot of potential for finding new love and healing from past heartbreaks. This time will also be really powerful when it comes to creative endeavors and a change in career.

To get a full sense of what your 2022 looks like, it’s imperative to look at the rest of the planets in your natal chart. Contact us for a complete natal chart reading and learn what 2022 has in store for you.

About the October 23rd Ruling Planet (Mars, Pluto)

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, making it the only sign with two current ruling planets.

When Pluto was demoted from being a planet, the official planet rulership changed to Mars. However, many astrologers still believe that Pluto is an important part of the chart and designate it as Scorpio’s true ruler.

Pluto is sometimes known as “death’s arrow” and represents final endings and the beginnings that come thereafter. This is because Pluto used to be the planet at the furthest edge of our solar system. Rebirth is something that tends to resonate with many Scorpios, as are more taboo subjects like death.

Pluto is also sometimes known for great destructive forces and manipulation, which can be representative of some of Scorpio’s negative traits. Scorpios can sometimes be seen as manipulative (usually without meaning to be) and they can also have a destructive streak.

Mars, on the other hand, is more about passion and desire, which also suits Scorpio very well. Mars is typically seen as the planet of anger and sex–both of which are things that Scorpios tend to be known for themselves.

Pluto doesn’t rule over any other signs, but Mars also rules over the sign of Aries. Both Scorpios and Aries can be intense and driven people with a taste for competition. Passion is important to both of these signs.

Since Pluto’s revolution around the sun takes a very long time, it tends to rule over a generation more than an individual. Where Pluto is in your chart can indicate where you need to look to find deeper truth and meaning, as well as where you may encounter upheaval.

Where Mars is in the natal chart can indicate which areas in your life you’re likely to  find success when you bring passion and energy to them. For example, if Mars is in the 3rd house in your chart, you’re likely to find great success with education or with communication with your siblings.

In your natal chart, the sign that Mars is in can also affect the areas in your life that its house rules over. Since Mars rules Scorpio, its intense energy is the strongest when it’s in that sign. To go along with the previous example, if Mars is in Scorpio in the 3rd house, you may find yourself passionately drawn to communications.

About the October 23rd Birthstone (Aquamarine)

Aquamarine was once believed to be the treasure of mermaids and used to be called “water of the sea” by Roman fishermen. Anyone who worked in or near the water would wear aquamarine as a protective talisman, and it was particularly believed to keep travelers by sea safe.

The name and the ancient beliefs about the stone stem from the color as well as its shimmering appearance, reminiscent of water against sunshine. Sometimes if there are more iron oxides in the stone, it can also have green which still evokes a seascape.

As Scorpio is one of the three water signs, the oceanic lore and modern water connotations make a lot of sense. Like the sea, Scorpios can be a powerful force when they put their mind to something.

In the healing crystal world, aquamarine is strongly associated with the throat chakra and is believed to help people speak their truths. This could be in a public speaking setting, or it can simply aid with opening a conversation that’s been avoided. These things reflect Scorpio’s desire to seek the truth about everything, and their ability to be honest even when it hurts.

Aquamarine is also known for being an emotional cleanser, and can help balance intense feelings like anger when it’s worn or held. This makes it a great asset to any Scorpio who feels that their emotions are unwieldy at times, and who comes off as unpleasantly intense. Scorpios have great emotional depths, and sometimes it’s easy for them to get lost. Aquamarine may bring some balance to that.

About the October 23rd Lucky Color (Red)

The color red is known for having more emotional associations than any other color. As a sign that has a lot of emotional depth and passion, this is something that fits Scorpios’ sensibilities. Scorpio itself tends to be a very polarizing sign in the astrology community, so in that regard, red is also extremely fitting.

Red symbolizes passion and intensity, which are both traits that are very fitting for Scorpio sensibility. Along with this, red can symbolize desire. Scorpios are often known for their sensuality and desire, so their lucky color accurately reflects this trait about them.

Red is often known as a color of extremes, which is a good reflection of Scorpios. Scorpios tend to be all-or-nothing when it comes to most areas of their lives, and are often thought of as extreme.

There can sometimes be a dangerous undertone associated with the color red, especially in Gothic literature. This is something else that makes sense to Scorpio, who can sometimes be revenge-driven. Red can be seen as the color of blood or the color of war, which is befitting Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars.

Red is a color that can also evoke a sense of drama—a common example of this being red lipstick. This drama and boldness goes along with the fearlessness that Scorpios have, never being afraid of standing out.

Whether you’re wearing your lucky color or you’re choosing accents for your house,  you can’t go wrong with red if you’re a Scorpio.

Famous October 23rd Birthdays

  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Emilia Clarke
  • Amandla Stenberg
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • Miguel
  • Zach Callison
  • Ireland Baldwin
  • Ang Lee

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