March 16th Birthday Horoscope March 16th Birthday Horoscope

Birthday HoroscopeMarch 16th

  • Sign Pisces
  • Birthday Element Water
  • Lucky Colors Green 
  • Ruling Planet Neptune 
  • Birthstone Amethyst
  • Most Compatible With Cancer  Scorpio  Taurus 
  • Tarot Card The Moon 

About the March 16th Pisces

A Pisces born on March 16th will typically be a very creative person. This creativity may span across a number of talents, and will likely influence everything that they do in their lives. Much of March 16th Pisceans’ creativity comes from their ability to daydream and fantasize.

Someone who exemplifies this sense of creativity is actress Alexandra Daddario. When asked about why she pursued acting as a career, she mentioned that ever since she was a child she loved storytelling. Storytelling is something that Pisceans tend to be drawn to, as they’re some of the most creative members of the zodiac.

This creativity can become a challenge if March 16th Pisceans are idealizing too much and not incorporating practicality in their proposed ideas. This can make them seem unrealistic, especially if they’re using their creativity in a workplace setting. Keeping practicality in mind will help mitigate some of this before it becomes a problem. If Pisces isn’t sure, they can check in with a grounded earth sign for tips.

These Pisceans also tend to be incredibly compassionate and kind people. It can be very hard for Pisces to watch the people around them suffer, as it makes them suffer as well. Ultimately this is a very good thing, but Pisceans may run into trouble if someone in their life tries to take advantage of this kindness.

Pisces intuition is often very good—if Pisces remembers to check in with themselves (and with trusted loved ones) when something doesn’t feel right, they may be able to avoid ill-intent.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, represented by the fish. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, a planet strongly associated with artists, dreams, and higher intuition. These things also tend to be associated with Pisces sun signs.

Pisces is a water sign, which means that they tend to be driven by emotion. Water signs are usually intuitive and sensitive to changes in mood, which makes them extremely good at reading other people. Unfortunately, water signs that feel insecure can easily become codependent and passive-aggressive.

The sign of Pisces is mutable in modality, which means that they approach challenges by circumventing them. Mutable signs tend to be adaptable and diplomatic, going with the flow of the situation they’re in.

The tarot card associated with Pisces is The Moon (number 16) which depicts a path that leads off in the distance. In the distance, there are two symmetrical towers representing good and evil, and at the forefront there is a feral wolf and a dog, which alludes to the tension between civility and ferality.

In a reading, The Moon represents allowing your intuition to guide you through the darkness that’s troubling you. This is a sentiment highly relatable to the sign of Pisces, which is known for its intuition and high sensitivity. The Moon can also represent your imagination getting the best of you, which is also something that can happen to Pisceans.

March 16th falls in the last week of the season of Pisces. While this would put March 16th on the cusp between Pisces and Aries, there isn’t anything verifying Aries’ influence. However, looking at the other planets and their placements in your natal chart will give more in-depth insights.

What Are the Traits of a March 16th Pisces?

Positive Traits: Empathetic, Creative, Transcendent

Pisceans tend to be very empathetic people, to their friends and to all living creatures around them. They have a deep connection to the world through this empathy and sensitivity, and often know how to go with the flow.

Many Pisceans are adept in creative ventures like artistry and music, and even in other aspects of their lives they tend to be very creative people. This can stem from their frequent daydreaming, which can be harnessed in such a way that it makes the world a brighter and better place.

Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and as such the sign is no stranger to the idea of evolving and transcending. Pisceans love the idea of melding the human experience with something divine, which makes them interesting and excellent company.

Negative Traits: Escapist, Unrealistic, Boundary Problems

However, Pisceans’ daydreaming can sometimes go too far and become a tool for them to escape reality. On the surface, this isn’t a bad thing, but they may find themselves disconnected from the people and world around them if it becomes a habit. Finding ways to stay grounded will help with this a lot, especially by talking to a trusted friend or loved one.

Idealism can also be a product of daydreaming or creativity that’s gone too far. If Pisces has too many unrealistic ideas, they’re likely to get discouraged and not want to pursue anything at all. Double-checking the practical side of things will mitigate this.

Pisceans only mean well, but at times they can be drawn to unpredictable people who are looking to take advantage of their kindness. This isn’t Pisceans’ fault, as it’s their nature to try and help everyone. Listening to their intuition and taking into account if trusted their confidantes express concern about someone’s intentions will help with this a lot.

What Is the Personality of a March 16th Pisces?

Pisceans are known for being daydreamers and incredibly creative people in all aspects of their lives. Many of them have high levels of interest in the spiritual aspects of life, as well as other fantastical subjects. They’re also sometimes known for having an aptitude for music.

Because of how much time Pisceans often spend in their own world, they can be seen as very introspective people who are hard to get to know. Once Pisces builds that trust, however, they’re happy to let their friend or loved one in.

Pisceans tend to be known for their kindness and generosity with friends and acquaintances alike. Pisceans care extra deeply for others, and hate to see anyone around them suffering. This makes them great friends, but it also means that they can sometimes have trouble setting and enforcing boundaries.

Often, Pisceans have a hard time with anything that they think is going to hurt someone, which can make subjects like boundary enforcement difficult for them. Developing those boundaries is something that’s essential for anyone, but especially Pisceans with high levels of empathy. It can take practice, but seeking out resources when necessary will be very helpful with this.

Pisceans thrive on encouragement from others, and work best when they’re being supported. This goes for career settings as well as interpersonal ones, and oftentimes they’re thought of as very sensitive because of it. Piscean sensitivity is very much a strength of theirs, though, and helps them with their creativity as well as their generosity.

Love & Compatibility for a March 16th Pisces

Pisceans tend to do very well with the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Water signs tend to put feelings and intuition before anything else, which means they’ll likely be respectful of the depth of each other’s emotions.

Cancers and Pisceans share a lot in common when it comes to their mysteriousness and their levels of sensitivity. It can be hard for other signs to understand at times, but Pisceans and Cancers are likely to “get” each other right off the bat. Challenges may occur when it comes to completing projects that are related to their inspiration. Encouraging each other to follow through may help with this.

Pisceans will enjoy Scorpios’ passion for their fields of interest, and in turn Scorpios will love how in tune with their emotions Pisceans are. Challenges may arise if Scorpio doesn’t tame their at times brutal honesty, however. Communication will help this a lot.

Taurus is another sign that typically does very well with Pisces romantically. Taureans have a very sturdy and grounded energy, while Pisceans tend to be more dreamy and out of this world. Taureans can help Pisceans stay grounded and turn their dreams into a practical reality, while Pisceans can help foster imagination.

Taurean stubbornness can sometimes be a challenge, but with Pisceans’ mutable nature, it will be pretty easily avoided. The real challenge will be if Pisces has trouble with relationship practicality–Taureans are patient, but they do love being loved. If Pisceans are able to show this affection without Taureans having to ask for it first, this will go a long way in keeping their relationship healthy.

Jobs & Skills for a March 16th Pisces

When Pisceans find a workplace that they mesh well into the culture with, they’re likely to stay very loyal and dedicated to that workplace. Pisceans understand the value of finding a group of people that works well together, and once they find a good group they’ll stick with it.

Pisceans are super creative people who likely have the answers to problems in the workplace, they just need extra encouragement to give them. It can be hard sometimes for Pisceans to come out of their shell about something that they create (even mentally), but an encouraging team environment will do wonders for this.

However, sometimes Pisceans’ proposed solutions can make them seem idealistic. This stems from their tendency to daydream, along with their creative way of seeing things. Making sure to continue encouraging Pisceans will be really helpful, even if the solution isn’t what’s needed. Pisceans are happiest in work environments that give them that encouraging push.

When it comes to leadership, Pisceans aren’t usually the type to jump on taking the reins. There are a lot of hard decisions that come along with leadership, and Pisceans work best when they have someone else they can confer with. The plus side is that this makes them great team players, and great people to have working under someone else.

Pisceans do make great teachers and guides, so long as everyone involved is on relatively equal footing. If someone needs to be trained in a job that Pisces knows how to do, for example, their skills at intuiting and reading people will be put to good use.

What Is in Store for a March 16th Pisces in 2023?

2022 for Pisceans is the year for sorting out what defines you, particularly during the times of Saturn and Uranus squaring off. This square happens three times–February 17th, June 14th, and December 24th–so this will be a recurring theme. These times will also be good for coping with any regrets you may be carrying.

For most of 2022, lucky planet Jupiter will be cruising through your 12th house of healing. This means that there will likely be opportunities and gifts abound, especially when it comes to the things that you need. Spiritual protection (and potential for growth) will also be at an all-time high.

2022 may also bring career-related recognition and domestic ease. The lunar eclipse on May 26th and the solar eclipse on December 4th will have influence on these things, both of these events taking place in the sign of Sagittarius. Around these times, Pisceans may experience extra recognition or opportunities to upgrade.

Communication is something else that may come with more ease to Pisceans during this year. Jupiter in the 12th house will aid this, but the lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19th will also help you make your intentions clear. If you’re a Pisces who experiences self-limiting thinking, this eclipse may also help mitigate that.

To get a full sense of what your 2022 looks like, it’s imperative to look at the rest of the planets in your natal chart. Contact us for a complete natal chart reading and learn what 2022 has in store for you.

About the March 16th Ruling Planet (Neptune)

Neptune is a planet that’s deeply connected with artists, and it’s often known as the patron planet of those who seek direction (particularly in the dark). Neptune is thought to rule higher intuition, and is also associated with mysticism and fantasy. These are all things that deeply relate to Pisceans, who are very creative individuals (and typically have artistic leanings, especially music).

The negative aspect of this rulership is that Neptune also rules escapism. While this isn’t negative at face value, too much escapism can be really harmful–especially if vices accompany it. This does relate to Pisceans as well, however, as escapism can be a problem for them if they’re not careful.

Pisces is the only sign that Neptune has rulership over. Before Neptune was discovered, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter (which currently rules Sagittarius). Jupiter is the lucky planet, and while Sagittarians are quite different from Pisceans they still share a strong sense of creativity.

Where Neptune is in the natal chart can indicate which areas in your life you’re likely to be the most creative, as well as where you’re likely to find confusion. For example, if Neptune is in the 6th house in your chart, you’re likely to find a lot of creativity when it comes to your routines and day-to-day work. You may also initially be confused by how to establish those routines.

In your natal chart, the sign that Neptune is in can also affect the areas in your life that its house rules over. Since Neptune rules Pisces, its intense energy is the strongest when it’s in that sign. To go along with the previous example, if Neptune is in Pisces in the 6th house, you may find yourself being very inspired to lay out an everyday routine that works for you–especially one that incorporates wellness.

About the March 16th Birthstone (Amethyst)

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone known for its clusters and purple hue. In ancient times amethyst was revered in the same way as diamonds are today, and was often referred to as the “gem of fire.”

Amethyst is structurally the same as quartz and gets its brilliant purple color from the addition of manganese and iron. When left in the sun, however, this color will fade, so if you’re looking into amethyst jewelry or decoration it’s best to be mindful of light exposure.

For a long time amethyst was thought to stop drunkenness, and many ancient Greeks and Romans had goblets with the stone encrusted in them. It was also worn on the body to prevent both drunkenness and overindulgence in other vices. The navel was thought to be the most powerful placement for these purposes.

In the metaphysical world, amethyst has many uses which speak to the Piscean sensibility of being adaptable. To start with, amethyst is thought to enhance creativity and has often been used by artists, poets, inventors, and others to aid them. This fits right in with Pisceans’ tendency to be creative (the ruling planet of Neptune is also the patron for artists).

Amethyst is also frequently used as a healing and protecting stone. Amethyst has a high frequency that can help provide a connection to the divine. There isn’t hard research to confirm or deny this, but Pisceans are also thought to have a natural ability to merge the material with the Divine because of their Neptune rulership. This may make amethyst a particularly powerful talisman for Pisceans.

About the March 16th Lucky Color (Green)

All forms of green have been historically associated with nature as well as wisdom. Particularly, green has connotations with celestial wisdom and inspirational knowledge, which accurately reflects Piscean sensibility. Pisceans are known for their daydreaming as well as their mysticism, partly influenced by the ruling planet Neptune.

There isn’t a broad general consensus on the luckiest color for March 16th Pisceans, but the colors of the sea came up again and again. This is probably because of its water elemental, and the fact that the sign is represented by the fish. Wearing just about any color that falls on a sea palette will likely be auspicious, but sea green will be particularly powerful.

Sea green is a color that was widely popularized in the 1950s, and is seen in marketing as a color evoking freshness and renewal. This calls back to Pisceans’ creativity and ability to evolve, as renewal is often a chance to transcend and come back even better.

In color psychology, sea green promotes relaxation and can aid in balancing emotions. These are things that may be good for Pisceans to see, as sometimes Pisceans can easily get lost in their emotions at times. Many Pisceans may also find it difficult to relax, especially when it comes to people whose attention they’re looking for. Having sea green present may encourage grounding in these areas.

Famous March 16th Birthdays

  • Alexandra Daddario
  • Jhené Aiko
  • Lauren Graham
  • Flavor Flav
  • Ajiono Alexus
  • Sierra McClain
  • Lil Keed
  • Camilo
  • Jerry Lewis

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