February 13th Birthday Horoscope February 13th Birthday Horoscope

Birthday HoroscopeFebruary 13th

  • Sign Aquarius
  • Birthday Element Air
  • Lucky Colors Electric Blue 
  • Ruling Planet Uranus 
  • Birthstone Garnet
  • Most Compatible With Gemini  Sagittarius 
  • Tarot Card The Star 

About the February 13th Aquarius

February 13th Aquarians are typically very smart individuals who enjoy having a lot of mental stimulation. They tend to be very successful in whatever field of study they choose to pursue because of their aptitude, sense of innovation, and ability to make connections.

A great example of this intelligence and success is found in the late explorer and botanist Joseph Banks, who shares a birthday. Banks discovered over 1000 different types of plants because of an expedition that he helped advise. This is a great example of Aquarian innovation and need for mental stimulation.

A challenge that comes along with high levels of intelligence is that February 13th Aquarians can come off as cold emotionally. This happens because of the importance that they place on logic, which isn’t always a bad thing. To more sensitive signs, however, their disposition may make them think that they don’t care. Communication will be very helpful with this.

Aquarians’ need for mental stimulation can also mean that they get bored easily. If they’re surrounded by people who understand that ruts are counterproductive to their thinking style, they won’t have any issues. However, signs who like a more strict routine may find trouble relating to Aquarians. Finding ways to keep themselves stimulated that aren’t too disruptive to other people may be a good solution, as well as communicating honestly about needs.

Aquarius is the sign of revolution. It’s the penultimate sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the water bearer (though, ironically, it’s not a water sign).

The element for Aquarius is air, which tends to bring change and operate in the plane of the mind versus the plane of emotions. As such air signs are usually very intelligent people, and Aquarians are no exception. Air rulership also means that they can be “flighty,” and at times they can come off as cold.

The modality for Aquarius is fixed, which means that they’re good at finding calm and strength in chaos. Fixed signs possess a lot of emotional fortitude and can sometimes very reflective. They are usually quite grounded but can sometimes possess a stubbornness.

The tarot card associated with Aquarius is The Star (number 17). The card face shows the night sky over a young woman pouring water out onto dry land as a means of nourishing it. There is lushness around her, which shows that her efforts seem to be working.

When The Star appears in a reading, it indicates inspiration and rejuvenation. This falls in line with the core traits of Aquarians, who tend to be very innovative and future-driven individuals.

February 13th falls in the last week of the season of Aquarius. While anecdotally this would put February 13th on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces, there isn’t any verified Piscean influence. However, looking at the other planets and their placements in your natal chart will give more in-depth insights.

What Are the Traits of a February 13th Aquarius?

Positive Traits: Friendly, Intelligent, Reforming

Aquarians are often very friendly people who are able to make connections easily. Aquarians are the type of people who can not see someone for a long time but be able to pick up right where they left off. They also are known for being generous, especially when people in their lives need it.

Often Aquarians are known for being very smart, especially in their field of study. In line with this, they tend to be innovative people who are always trying to improve things the most that they can. They’re not afraid of reform, especially if it’s for the greater good.

Negative Traits: Impersonal, Unpredictable, Malcontent

Aquarian friendliness can, at times, come off as something impersonal. Typically, Aquarians are being sincere when they extend their cordiality, but it can be easy to misread. Taking time to listen to the other person and communicating accordingly will help this.

Sometimes Aquarians are known for being eccentric, and this can lead them to unpredictability. Most of the time, this won’t be an issue, but if Aquarius works closely with someone who favors stability there may be tension.

Aquarian innovation can also make them seem malcontent with their circumstances. Along with this, the constant need to improve may be grating on others.

What Is the Personality of a February 13th Aquarius?

Aquarians tend to be extremely memorable people because of their rebelliousness as well as their generosity. They’re very kind to their friends as well as to people they don’t know very well, and often have a soft spot for doing work that changes the world for the better.

Because of their cordiality, Aquarians are usually able to make connections with others very easily, especially in networking contexts. They have a gift for helping more introverted signs be social and put their thoughts out there. Unfortunately to some (especially signs that favor a trusted few over a large group of friends), this cordiality may come off as being insincere because it’s applied to everyone. Aquarians also have a hard time opening up and trusting others, which tends to feed into this.

Their rebelliousness and fearlessness is something else that makes other people remember them. Aquarians are never afraid to go off the beaten path, and when they do, they typically find a lot of success no matter what the context. Often, they’re very innovative and can easily solve problems.

Aquarians have a zest for life and really enjoy new adventures, especially those that they get to share with their friends. Their rebelliousness can translate into an eccentricity when it comes to their life philosophy, and this makes them good conversationalists.

Because of these things, Aquarians tend to really enjoy attention, and can be hurt rather easily when they don’t get it. They may act out, upping the ante on their quirkiness until they come off as unpleasantly strange to get attention. Aquarians would do well to be clear about their needs, especially with those they care about most.

Love & Compatibility for a February 13th Aquarius

Geminis and Aquarians tend to approach life and relationships similarly, so they work well together romantically. Both signs really need freedom and mental stimulation when they’re making a commitment to someone. Likewise, both signs are happy to give the other person space when they need it, without it becoming an issue.

It can be hard for Geminis and Aquarians to open up to people initially. This actually works in their favor, as neither party will feel like the other is holding out on them. Aquarians especially take a while before they’re willing to make a commitment. Once they see that Gemini can keep up with them, though, they’re likely to give it a chance.

Challenges may arise if they don’t remember to spend enough time together and get frustrated because of that. Communication from both sides around this will help a lot.

Another sign that typically does well with Aquarians is Sagittarius. Both signs tend to be driven in life by their curiosity and open-mindedness. Sagittarians will love that Aquarians are so innovative and free-thinking, and Aquarians will love that Sagittarians like to shake things up. Intellectual stimulation is something that most likely won’t be a problem for either of them.

Both signs also highly value their freedom, and it takes a long time for them to commit to a serious romantic relationship. This means that they’re likely to give each other the space that they need. Aquarians in particular can have a hard time building trust with other people. Sagittarius won’t mind this.

There may be challenges if Aquarians are being particularly stubborn about something. Aquarians can be pretty open to other solutions, though, so communication will solve this issue fairly quickly.

Jobs & Skills for a February 13th Aquarius

Connections and networking tend to be two big strengths for Aquarians. With these skills alone, they’re likely to go very far in their careers.

Aquarian innovation will also help them no matter what field they choose to work in. Whether they’re innovating on a grand scale or they’re simply making the morning routine easier for everyone, they’ll have something to improve.

While Aquarians can work independently, they tend to do their best work when they’re part of a team. Aquarians tend to find inspiration in other people, and working with others helps them fine-tune their ideas.

In leadership, Aquarians tend to be good people to work for because of their cordial demeanor. However, Aquarians may find it difficult to discipline an employee. This is a skill that can be honed if need be, or perhaps Aquarians can have a second in command who handles those sorts of things.

Aquarians, ruling the house of technology, tend to find jobs that deal in computers and engineering very fulfilling. Given how important humanitarianism is to them, they also prefer to be doing something that changes the world for the better.

Once they find somewhere that aligns with their principles and build a commitment, they’re likely to stay loyal for a very long time. This is an asset to any employer.

What Is in Store for a February 13th Aquarius in 2023?

Saturn starts the year off by moving into Aquarius, which means that 2022 is the year for taking care of yourself. Because Saturn tends to have more serious energy than ruling planet Uranus, this will feel more like taking responsibility for your well-being and less like frivolity. If there are any unhealthy thought patterns or habits you’ve been hanging onto, this is also going to be the year you let them go.

Lucky planet Jupiter spends most of 2022 in Aquarius, which means a wealth of gifts and opportunities–especially for advancement. This may be career-related, or it may have to do with other aspects of your life in which you can advance. You may find that you’re able to go farther in something than you’ve ever been able to go before, thanks to Jupiter’s fortune.

There are eclipses happening in your 11th house (of friendship and allies) on May 26th and December 4th, both in the sign of Sagittarius. This means that you may be saying farewell to friends or colleagues whom you have outgrown or are beginning to drift apart from. This parting can be amicable, and it will open you up to new people who will likely stick with you for a while.

To get a full sense of what your 2022 looks like, it’s imperative to look at the rest of the planets in your natal chart. Contact us for a complete natal chart reading and learn what 2022 has in store for you.

About the February 13th Ruling Planet (Uranus)

Aquarius used to be ruled by the planet Saturn before Uranus was discovered. Saturn energy is a fundamental opposite to Uranus, as Saturn tends to be more serious and traditionalist. Uranus is often referred to as the anarchist of the zodiac, and as such strives to break societal norms. These energies are contradictory, but remnants of Saturn can still be found in most Aquarians.

Uranus is the planet that rules over rebellion, drastic reform, and new technology. Uranus also is strongly associated with anything having to do with electricity. Each planet is associated with a body part, and Uranus rules over the electricity that the brain and nervous system control. This taps right into the Aquarian trait of high intelligence and the ability to think quickly.

Uranus doesn’t rule any other signs on the zodiac wheel. However, Saturn currently rules (and has always ruled) Capricorn, the sign right before Aquarius. Even though they don’t have a lot in common, they both tend to be intelligent and successful in their chosen fields. Both signs can also come off as cold and distant emotionally.

Where Uranus is in the natal chart can indicate what makes you special or unique. It can also indicate where in your life you may be most fulfilled creating change. For example, if Uranus is in your 9th house, you may create change in the world through means of traveling.

In your natal chart, the sign that Uranus is in can also affect the areas in your life that the house rules over. Since Uranus rules Aquarius, its energy is at its most intense when it’s in that sign. Going with the previous example, if Uranus is in Aquarius in your 9th house, you may have eccentric philosophies and ethics that put altruism first.

About the February 13th Birthstone (Garnet)

Garnet is a stone found all over the world that has had a wealth of history as a talisman. Typically, garnet is a deep blood-red color, but there are other variants of the stone that come in a rich green or brown.

Even though garnet is a beautiful gemstone visually, it’s also a very versatile one for industrial use. Garnet can be found in places like watch gears as well as abrasives (like sandpaper). Often, garnet is also used in scientific instruments. This concept of expanding the stone’s level of practical usage speaks to the Aquarian nature of innovation and reform.

In the metaphysical realm, the use of garnet can help rid the body of toxins and create balance within one’s energy system. While these uses don’t have direct correlations to Aquarian traits, they can be relatable when it comes to the way Aquarians think. When Aquarians innovate, they’re typically trying to improve on something already in place–sometimes this can be by fixing an imbalance, and sometimes it means purging something unhelpful.

Garnet can also be used to encourage positivity and popularity. This is something else that Aquarians can deeply relate to. Aquarians are known for being very friendly and cordial, especially in networking contexts.

It’s also said that if someone has dreams about garnet, it signifies the solution to a problem or mystery in their life. This is another aspect of the stone that draws on Aquarians’ problem-solving and innovation abilities.

About the February 13th Lucky Color (Electric Blue)

The color most strongly associated with Aquarius is electric blue. Blue is a recurring theme with Aquarius, as the sign is represented by the water bearer, and the ruling planet Uranus is also blue.

Blue is a color that typically exudes tranquility, but the sight of electric blue often evokes a sense of excitement and action. This is a contradiction that’s not unlike one found in Aquarians because of their ruling planet change from traditionalist Saturn to revolutionary Uranus. Along with this, Aquarians tend to be action-oriented signs who aren’t afraid to get things done.

Electric blue is brighter than most natural shades of blue. This blue was named for electricity and electrical sparks, which relates to Uranus as it’s said that the planet rules everything related to electricity. The vibrance of the color itself can also hearken back to how bright and inspirational Aquarians tend to be.

In marketing, electric blue can indicate innovation which also perfectly exemplifies a core Aquarian trait. This may be because of the color’s vibrance, but it can also be because it conveys such excitement while still being in the blue family.

Wearing this color may get extra attention, but Aquarians won’t mind at all. It may give the wearer a sense of excitement and could even aid in inspiration.

Famous February 13th Birthdays

  • Joseph Banks
  • Sophia Lillis
  • Robbie Williams
  • Jerry Springer
  • Aston Merrygold
  • Kelly Hu
  • Mena Suvari

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