December 8th Birthday Horoscope December 8th Birthday Horoscope

Birthday HoroscopeDecember 8th

  • Sign Sagittarius
  • Birthday Element Fire
  • Lucky Colors Blue  Orange 
  • Ruling Planet Jupiter 
  • Birthstone Topaz
  • Most Compatible With Libra  Gemini 
  • Tarot Card Temperance 

About the December 8th Sagittarius

Sagittarians born on December 8th tend to be incredibly bold individuals. They’re fearless when it comes to pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box, and along with that they’re not afraid to speak their mind. Nicki Minaj is an incredible example of this, known through her career as someone who took risks from her records to the red carpet. She is also known for being outspoken in her music, not shying away from saying how she feels about something. Obviously, this led to a lot of success.

When December 8th Sagittarians embrace their bold side, it may be possible to alienate other people in their lives if they think Sagittarius is going “too far” with it. This isn’t something that’s likely to bother Sagittarians--but if it’s a dearly loved one, Sagittarius may want to check in. Typically, Sagittarians are good about listening to others’ perspectives and explaining themselves, so this isn’t likely to be an issue that lasts.

When December 8th Sagittarians are being overly honest, they run the risk of not only looking tactless but hurting others. Again, checking in with a trusted loved one or confidante may help them navigate the line between being bold and going too far.

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. The sign’s mascot is the archer, and Sagittarians are often known for being the adventurers of the zodiac. The archer is depicted as a centaur holding a bow and arrow taut, signifying the idea of hunting and seeking.

The tarot card that represents Sagittarius is Temperance. This is a card that symbolizes balance and duality, particularly the meeting of the conscious and subconscious mind.

When this card appears in a spread, it’s associated with finding the meaning of a situation and finding progress. These are all things that tend to parallel the Sagittarian desire to seek the truth, no matter what corner of the globe it may be hidden.

What Are the Traits of a December 8th Sagittarius?

Positive Traits: Truth-Seeking, Open-Minded, Adventurous

Sagittarians tend to be truth-seekers. They usually enjoy philosophy and healthy debates that have a very optimistic undercurrent. Sagittarians find a lot of joy in the human experience, and are great at taking different perspectives into account in anything they do.

Sagittarians are usually very open-minded individuals. Their mutable nature means that they usually go with the flow and do what feels right in the moment. For the most part, they don’t feel particularly tied to any one way of thinking and are happy to explore everything that the world has to offer.

Along with this, Sagittarians are usually very adventurous people. This manifests itself especially when it comes to traveling. Many Sagittarians find a great amount of joy in going to new places and meeting new people.

Negative Traits: Reckless, Inconsistent, Easily Bored

Sagittarians’ boldness can come off as reckless at times, especially to signs who are more careful. If Sagittarius has a sense of optimism that veers into a territory that’s overly idealistic, this could also become an issue.

Sometimes a Sagittarian’s carefree nature can come off as seeming inconsistent in their relationships and friendships. It’s not that they don’t care: it’s more that they can become easily distracted. Communication around this from both parties will help mitigate any misunderstandings caused by this.

While it’s not a negative trait at face value, Sagittarians can get bored very easily. This means that keeping them in one place may be difficult, which can be frustrating for more grounded signs. This is a manifestation of a Sagittarian’s carefree nature and desire to travel and seek the truth outside their comfort zone.

What Is the Personality of a December 8th Sagittarius?

Sagittarians are often seen as the most optimistic of all the zodiac signs, partly because of their Jupiter rulership (for more on that, see our breakdown about Jupiter here). This can sometimes translate to innocence, especially if fortune has been in their favor. Most of the time, this is endearing to the people around them.

Sagittarians typically like to travel, which is rooted in the desire to seek the truth about everything. Sagittarians don’t think they’ll find the answers to hard-hitting existential questions by staying in their comfort zone.

This thirst for adventure and being expansive tends to mean that they hate being stuck in a routine. This is something that may be jarring to other signs who value such a thing. Furthermore, this may make Sagittarians seem tactless for shaming the comfort of a routine.

Sometimes, Sagittarian ambition can lead to a lack of follow-through. Having someone by their side who’s good at strategizing may help them make their ambitions a reality. Until Sagittarius has that, though, they run the risk of looking flaky. A planner may not be what Sagittarius wants, but it can help them stay on track.

Love & Compatibility for a December 8th Sagittarius

When in love, Sagittarians put a lot of value on their own freedom. This means that commitment isn’t something that comes easily, and they favor not having a strict routine. That said, there are some signs that tend to work well with them.


Libras tend to do well with both of these things, and are typically the most compatible with Sagittarians. Libras have a reputation for being very smart and can engage well with Sagittarians’ need for stimulation. Both signs tend to be very creative and have a streak of idealism.

When facing challenges, Libras are often adept at seeing a compromise that will make both of them happy. In this relationship, however, Libra should take care that they’re not always sacrificing what they want to make Sagittarius happy. Sagittarians aren’t set in stone and can often change their minds when presented with new information. This means that conflicts aren’t likely to last.


Gemini is another sign that tends to be very compatible with Sagittarians. Both signs are incredibly adaptable and share a dislike of stiff routines. Both signs also share a need for mental stimulation, so there’s a good chance they’ll be able to keep each other from getting bored. If Gemini likes to travel, they’ll likely be together for a very long time.

Challenges may occur if both Sagittarius and Gemini have their heads too far in the clouds. Not having anyone to keep them grounded could mean that they feed into each other’s lack of follow-through. Since both signs also tend to change their minds at the drop of a hat, they may have trouble with communication. Keeping that communication open and honest will help with any issues they come to face.

Job & Skills for a December 8th Sagittarius

First and foremost, Sagittarians tend to do the best at jobs in which they’re able to travel. They make great freelancers and can do well in positions centered on traveling, like working on a cruise ship. If they’re highly skilled, careers in athletics or entertainment can also be a great source of fulfillment all around.

Creativity is something that Sagittarians almost always bring to the table when it comes to their jobs. This is something that will likely be an asset no matter what field they’re in.

The facet of leadership in which Sagittarians shine is making sure everyone’s perspective is being taken into account. Sagittarians are great at getting other people to talk about their different points of view, which will not only enhance the ideas on the table but will also make for a good work environment. Working for a Sagittarius typically means feeling included, even in the big discussions, which can seriously boost office morale.

While they make good leaders, it can be helpful to have a second in command who’s a little more grounded. Sometimes their optimism can become too idealistic to be practical, and they may need a sturdy sign (an earth sign, for example) to keep them grounded. Since Sagittarians are good at listening to other perspectives, this is something that won’t likely be an issue.

What Is in Store for a December 8th Sagittarius in 2023?

2022 is the year for change for December 8th Sagittarius. A big influence for this is Saturn’s passage into Aquarius as well as Uranus coming into the 6th house which rules health and routine. Saturn energy tends to be serious, and Uranus is the planet for revolution, which makes 2022 a great time to kick old habits and make positive changes.

Serious Saturn taking the lead in the 3rd house of communication and mental energy may mean that Sagittarius says “no” a little more this year. This isn’t going to be a bad thing, though, especially in favor of developing skill sets they’ve been meaning to.

Along with this, Venus will be going into retrograde on 12/19 in Capricorn. Sometimes the word “retrograde” can be scary, but in this case it will help Sagittarius realize their worth. This retrograde will make it clear where Sagittarius has been undervaluing themself, which will make it easier for them to fix that.

The transits for Jupiter this year will help facilitate a balance between consumerism and any arrogance Sagittarians may have (subconsciously or otherwise). These feelings will arise at the end of May and then again at the beginning of December–which is the perfect time for Sagittarians (and everyone else) to really remember what the winter holidays are all about.

Sagittarians are typically very receptive to and embrace change. These changes may be big ones, but a December 8th Sagittarius will be better for them.

It’s impossible to fully know someone’s outlook without more information, however. For a more personalized zodiac reading through 2022 and beyond, contact us for a full natal chart reading.

About the December 8th Ruling Planet (Jupiter)

Jupiter is known as the lucky planet. Its large size makes it the benefactor for growth and fortune. It’s the manifestation of opportunity and tends to bring good fortune to the house it resides in on the natal chart.

Jupiter is also sometimes seen as the planet of prophecy. If someone experiences a form of psychicism–for example, prophetic dreams–it’s sometimes attributed to Jupiter.

Being ruled by Jupiter means that Sagittarians may be lucky without really trying, and things tend to go smoothly for them in many aspects of their lives.

Before the discovery of the planet Neptune, Pisces was also ruled by Jupiter. Even though Sagittarius and Pisces have a lot of differences, there are still some similarities that show through. Both signs share a mutable modality, so they’re adaptable when it comes to challenges. Additionally, Sagittarians and Pisceans tend to both be very creative people.

Jupiter’s location in the natal chart can indicate which areas in your life you’ll be lucky. Each house on the zodiac wheel represents an area of life–for example, the 7th house rules marriage, partnerships, and contracts. If Jupiter is in your 7th house, this means you’ll typically have good fortune and opportunity with partnerships.

In your natal chart, the sign that Jupiter is in can also affect the areas in your life that its house rules over. Since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, its intense energy is the strongest when it’s in that sign. To go along with the previous example, if Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the 7th house, you may find yourself very fortunate when it comes to long-term relationships.

About the December 8th Birthstone (Topaz)

Natural topaz is a silicic igneous rock, which means that it’s a magma rock made with silica. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, the stone being made from magma–the closest one can get to a solidified form of fire–is extremely fitting.

Topaz can come in a variety of colors, but the most popular ones are blue topaz and natural topaz, which is an orange-rust color. Oddly enough, these color variations correspond with Sagittarians’ lucky colors (for more on that, see below).

Topaz has been around for thousands of years, and was long thought to harness the power of the sun. In the metaphysical world, topaz represents fortune and abundance, which is befitting the sign of Sagittarius. It’s often known as the “crystal of potency” because of the affiliations with fortune.

Regular topaz is also associated with confidence, which is something else that Sagittarians tend to have in droves. Wearing topaz can help exude confidence, plus it can aid in achieving goals.

Blue topaz is associated with mental stimulation, which also fits Sagittarian sensibilities. Sagittarians need a lot of stimulation to be content, especially emotionally and mentally. This is why they tend to be associated with roaming freely, and why they can be shy about commitment.

Blue topaz is also strongly linked with creativity. It’s known as a talisman that authors, artists, and anyone creative should wear to hone their craft. If Sagittarius has a particularly creative career, they may want to take wearing their birthstone into consideration.

About the December 8th Lucky Color (Blue, Orange)

Interestingly, orange and blue are exact opposites on the color wheel. The nature of having two seemingly incongruent colors associated with the sign is very apt for their personality.

Orange is the most literal interpretation of a Sagittarian’s lucky color, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold weight. Orange is a color found in fire, and reminiscent of hues of the planet Jupiter. Orange is found in natural topazes as well.

The color orange is also bold and draws attention, which fits greatly with Sagittarians’ adventurousness. It isn’t as common in the non-natural world as other colors, which means there are fewer accepted symbolic interpretations. Typically, orange denotes warning and is meant to get attention, which also aligns with boldness.

Blue is a color that can also be considered lucky for Sagittarians, though its luckiness relative to orange is debated. Blue topaz is a stone strongly associated with Sagittarians, and when it comes to symbolism it’s a great fit. While blue is often thought of in literature as a color of sadness, it also has strong connotations with mental acuity and the truth. The latter connotations are likely what makes blue a Sagittarian color, though it’s open for debate.

In psychology, blue tends to evoke a sense of calm and security. While Sagittarians aren’t known for their calmness specifically, they do tend to handle challenges with ease. A Sagittarian wearing this color may be exuding their sense of carefreeness and their warmth.

Famous December 8th Birthdays

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Ian Somerhalder
  • Teala Dunn
  • Tanner Buchanan
  • Jim Morrison
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • Sinead O’Connor
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Kim Basinger

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