August 28th Birthday Horoscope August 28th Birthday Horoscope

Birthday HoroscopeAugust 28th

  • Sign Virgo
  • Birthday Element Earth
  • Lucky Colors Green 
  • Ruling Planet Mercury 
  • Birthstone Sapphire
  • Most Compatible With Scorpio  Taurus  Capricorn 
  • Tarot Card The Hermit 

About the August 28th Virgo

August 28th Virgos are all about strategizing to make their lives easier. They live for finding shortcuts in daily life, and they’ll go to great lengths to save time in the future. They’re often focused on what needs to be done later, and they always have a plan going forwards. After all, they want to make their time on Earth as enjoyable as possible.

In addition, the August 28th Virgo thrives on creativity. They like thinking outside the box, and they’ll enjoy professions that aren’t as constrained. Jack Black is a prime example of this. As an actor, comedian, singer, and songwriter, he knows how to wear many hats. His roles in films can have significantly different personalities, but he doesn’t mind tapping into a different mindset for each of his career paths.

However, these Virgos can become demanding when things don’t go their way. As someone focused on maximizing life’s happiness, they can become grouchy when they’re at a low point. They want to do everything they can to get their life back on track, even if it means bossing around other people.

The best advice for an August 28th Virgo is to be more tolerant of their own emotions. They can end up in a downward spiral at times, and learning to bounce back is one of the most important things they can do. After all, no one’s life is perfect, and sometimes having a few mistakes along the way makes the good times seem even better!

Virgos, represented by the maiden, are the 6th sign in the zodiac. Traits inherited from Mercury, their ruling planet, include communication skills, diplomacy, and natural curiosity. This can often drive the Virgo into areas involving research and creative solutions.

In addition, Virgos are an earth sign, commonly displaying traits of pragmatism and diligence. They’re grounded and they can be difficult to anger. Their determination is the driving force behind their actions, and they make sure to finish all their projects in a timely manner. As a result, they’re often successful in the workplace.

Virgos are also mutable in modality, which gives them a flexible perspective on their lives. They’re able to quickly adapt and adjust their plans when an emergency arises, and they’re not afraid to rework their schedule if the situation calls for it. When it comes to difficult problems, they like to think outside the box with their natural creativity. This flexibility helps them succeed in their career and within personal relationships.

Often, Virgos are represented by the Hermit among the major arcana. It often represents a desire for soul-searching and inner guidance in the means for self-improvement. With their practical nature, Virgos know that all people can improve, and they like spending time alone to reflect on their own actions. Often, they find answers within themselves and can keep from getting distracted by the outside world.

An upright Hermit in a tarot reading means that it’s time to focus yourself more. Virgos relish this advice, as they enjoy insights gained from self-analysis. Often, they may retreat into their own world to escape stressful situations caused by other people.

A reversed Hermit can symbolize an imbalance. It could mean there’s too much time spent in self-reflection, and relationships with other people being damaged because of it. Humans are social creatures, and extreme isolation can end up causing more damage than good. As with all things, balance is important in areas like this.

What Are the Traits of a August 28th Virgo?

Positive Traits: Meticulous, Genuine, Courageous

Those born in the earlier Virgo dates often have a mix of fiery and earthly traits. They draw a few personality aspects from Leo, a sign that ends a few days before. Often, this can lead to a courageous personality when it comes to exploring new ideas and potential avenues of research.

In addition, they also have a meticulous nature. They like to make sure the projects are done right, and they’re not afraid to detail their own plans to the group. Combining passion with logic helps them accomplish large tasks with no issue.

Finally, they’re often genuine. They have no desire to hide what they think, and they’ll come across as honest. If they don’t want to share, they’ll remain silent rather than fabricating stories. Many people find these traits to be the best part of Virgos, allowing them to do well in the workplace and in their relationships.

Negative Traits: Overcontrolling, Dramatic, Secretive

However, there are negative aspects to a Virgo’s personality as well. Often, their meticulous take on projects can lead to them being overbearing. They want to make sure everything is right, and they’ll point out details that coworkers might not notice. While this is good for the overall project, their method of delivery can be blunt at times.

In addition, Virgos born in the earlier dates have a tendency for the dramatic. When something gets messed up, they want people to know they’re unhappy. They might turn molehills into mountains, especially if there’s a lot of molehills that they’ve noticed. Their honesty means they won’t hold back their thoughts.

Finally, Virgos also tend to be secretive. They may not want to share personal information, and they can find it hard to get close to other people. They struggle with trust, and it can take time for them to warm up to someone new.

What Is the Personality of a August 28th Virgo?

Virgos are often known for their responsible and logical nature, making sure their goals get accomplished and their tasks get completed. They can be studious when they’re in school and hardworking once they enter their career field. When they’re not actively working towards a tangible goal, you may find them deep in self-reflection.

However, being born in the earlier Virgo dates means they share traits with their neighboring fire sign, Leo. They have a fiery passion that guides their actions, and their ambition is regulated by strategic planning and direction. While the two energies may seem incompatible at first, they can create a powerful force when balanced correctly.

Virgos also value intelligence, and they enjoy thinking about questions others might shy from. Whether this is emotional intelligence or logical-mathematical intelligence, they’ll quickly get a handle on it once they start training their abilities. They also have a childlike natural charisma about them which helps them get to their final destination.

A Virgo’s critical side can be their downfall. If unregulated, the quickest way to anger them is through mistakes. They’ll find issues that others overlook, and when too many issues pile up, they’ll be more than a little annoyed. They’re always looking for ways to get closer to their idealistic expectations, but these can be difficult to reach.

However, this makes their approval all the sweeter. It’s not impossible for people to meet their ideals, and they’ll be open with their praise and appreciation for those who do. After all, they’re not looking to make any enemies. They just want projects that they can be proud of.

Internal reflection brings Virgos the greatest joy. They’re often on the more introverted side, and self-improvement is one thing that always makes them feel better. This could be anything from starting healthier habits to learning a new skill. Retreating into their room after a long day is the best way for them to recharge.

Love & Compatibility for a August 28th Virgo

When it comes to love and compatibility, Virgos are just as disciplined and focused on personal relationships as they are on any workplace project. After all, a relationship is full of milestones, events, and activities that are done together. They don’t take this lightly, and they’re always there with a detailed plan for how to proceed with any partner.

Scorpios and Virgos make a great pair. These Virgos often have a passion that’s unmatched by many others. However, as a water sign, Scorpios are particularly in touch with their emotional side. Together, they forge a relationship through the fires of their passion, one that can hold strong for a long time.

Loyalty may be the biggest struggle between the two signs. While Virgos and Scorpios are both fiercely loyal, both are also terrified of betrayal. The second a Virgo feels that their partner is pulling away, they could begin retreating within their shell. They might shut out their loved ones, spending time reflecting rather than confronting the issues at hand.

As a result, communication is important for all relationships a Virgo might have, not just with their Scorpio partner. With Mercury as their ruling sign, Virgos should rely heavily on their natural communication abilities to make sure both sides have clear transparency.

Another good pairing for the Virgo would be Capricorn. As a fellow earth sign, they understand the pragmatism that drives both of them. They share an ambition for lofty goals, and they admire each other’s persistence and determination. They’re both very honest and down-to-earth, leading to very little miscommunication.

Unfortunately, they may have issues when it comes to their emotional connection. Virgos hesitate to open up without being prompted, and Capricorns aren’t the best and reconciling with their own feelings. If unprompted, both might avoid talking about the subject. This might be fine in most scenarios, but it can make fights difficult to resolve.

Taurus is another potential partner that’s compatible with a Virgo. As another earth sign, they appreciate a Virgo’s genuine nature. Their communication is often very transparent, and they enjoy debating over controversial topics for fun. While they may not easily accept their partner’s stance, they will listen with an open mind.

However, their values may not align as well. A Taurus enjoys taking the slow and steady route, carving out an unyielding path to their destination. Virgos have the ambition and passion to get there as quickly as possible, and their partner’s desires to slow down may cause rifts in the relationship.

Jobs & Skills for a August 28th Virgo

For Virgos born on the earlier side of their sun sign, their natural charisma and logical nature can be useful in any career field. They can thrive on a team or working independently, and they make a good leader and a good follower. For these Virgos, they can choose any job they have a passion for and do well in it.

Tailored to their more logical side might be careers in finance. Their meticulous nature can shine through in their role as an accountant or investment manager. With their strategic plans, they could make good business analysts as well, looking to the numbers for answers.

On the other side, their charisma can help them become good leaders for any team members. They may want a career as a researcher with graduate students to direct, or as a manager in charge of the largest projects in their company!

Virgos perform best in a quiet environment where they can think, and their social nature can only last so long. They’re often introverts at heart, and taking a role that requires constant talking (like motivational speakers) can wear them down quickly. They enjoy routine, and the office might be the best place for their talents to shine.

What Is in Store for a August 28th Virgo in 2023?

2022 is the year for Virgos to make a comeback. Routines that have fallen off the wayside during 2020 can be reestablished, and personal motivation will be at an all-time high. There will be fortune found in finances, and this could be the year larger investments are made.

Mars moves into Leo in June, which is in Virgo’s 12th house. This could lead to an era of deep self-reflection and contemplation, right in line with a Virgo’s personality. During this time, creativity is also high, and Virgos may find themselves answering questions they couldn’t before.

During the later summer, Venus and Mars enter a Virgo’s sun sign. This can result in self-indulgence which isn’t always bad. It’ll be important for Virgos to exercise self-restraint and distinguish between what’s needed and what’s not.

Mercury enters Scorpio in Autumn, leading to a time when communication skills are at an all-time high. Deeper conversations will likely happen here, whether it’s with family or friends. If Virgos have a significant other, this could be the time for them to take their next steps.

In terms of health, this is the year of improvements. 2020 was rough for a lot of Virgos, and mental and physical health had likely been dampened. This year, Virgos will find the self-motivation needed after their summer reflection to plan out new healthy habits to undertake. If they’re thinking about starting any personal growth journeys, they should begin now.

About the August 28th Ruling Planet (Mercury)

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication and curiosity. As a result, many Virgos may find themselves constantly full of inquisition. They’re always asking questions to find answers, and this can make them particularly strong researchers. Sometimes, their sharp wit can lead to light-hearted sarcasm. Their intellectual curiosity is also high, as they’re constantly on the search for answers.

Mercury can also be considered the planet of reason, and this is something that Virgos are never lacking. They arrive at all their conclusions through determined, logical steps, and they’re not one to make false assumptions. They don’t mind thinking through their thoughts, and they can keep their analytical approach to life when examining their own personality traits.

While Mercury also has playful traits reveling in the spontaneity of life, many of those characters can be seen in Gemini, another sign with the same ruling planet. Virgos tend to inherit the unemotional side dealing with reason, not that they mind. Virgos can also be out of touch with their emotions, and this is one area they must not neglect.

Often, Mercury is recognized for its fast orbit around the sun, only taking 88 days for its full cycle. This is seen in the clever and resourceful nature of the Virgo, who enjoys speeding through challenges one after another. However, that’s not to say they’re hasty! Virgos are very meticulous, and it just happens that they have an eye for details and speed.

Virgos also governs the sixth house, one that focuses on daily routines and habits. Mercury helps Virgos keep transparent communication – even with themselves. They’re not afraid to use post-it notes and reminders around the house regarding their routines, and they’ll take time for introspection to see what’s working and what’s not.

When Mercury goes into retrograde, Virgos may want to be more careful. They should avoid taking bigger risks during this time and focus on inner growth instead. This is the time to evaluate how they’re doing instead of trying to make any big changes. Unlike Mercury, they should slow down on occasion to reflect on their actions.

About the August 28th Birthstone (Sapphire)

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom and royalty, fitting for the Virgo. Their constant pursuit for intellect covers the wisdom part, and they’re always open to learning something new. Virgo’s diligence when it comes to routines can help them perfect any skills they pick up. Thus, this wisdom can stem from experience just as much as it’s derived from textbooks. “Practice makes perfect” seems to be Virgo’s motto.

When it comes to royalty, Virgos can seem untouchable to those on the outside. The constant ambition that drives them towards their goals may seem intense at times, and they’re always looking for opportunities for growth. Friends and family are often surprised by how much a Virgo can get done in a short amount of time.

As a talisman, sapphires are also known to discover fraud and treachery. With Mercury as their ruling planet, Virgos hold communication to be one of their most important traits. As a result, they can tell when others aren’t being genuine, and they’re particularly sensitive to betrayal. Just like the sapphire, it’s hard to slide lies past a Virgo.

The sapphire is also said to allow access to deeper levels of consciousness. Often, Virgos enjoy reflecting on their personal development. Like the sapphire, they believe the most important lessons are the ones found in their own mind. They’re likely to try and reach within for answers before asking other people. Through the sapphire, Virgo’s forge a strong sense of structure, order, and self-reliance.

About the August 28th Lucky Color (Green)

There’s not a unanimous consensus on a Virgo’s lucky colors, but green often appears alongside many other earthly colors. Green can often be seen in nature during Spring, and it represents growth and health. In line with Virgo’s goals to continuously progress and improve, green can be a color of comfort for an exhausted Virgo.

Health is also just as important, whether it’s mental or physical health. Virgos are always trying to achieve this balance, and health is an important step when they’re trying to reach their full potential. Their constant desires for routines and habits are all to boost this category. Green can be seen as continuously thriving, and Virgos are always trying to reach this ideal.

Renewal is important to Virgos, and green represents just that. Whether it’s renewing their energy after an exhausting day or renewing their creative ideas when they’re in a slump, Virgos are always ready to recharge and restart. Their self-discipline comes in handy during times like these!

Finally, green represents nature, a place where Virgos don’t have as many expectations to meet. In nature, they can find quiet time to themselves for contemplation. Being surrounded by lush greenery can quickly calm a Virgo down, and they may find themselves making walks outside when they’re trying to think of their next big idea.

Famous August 28th Birthdays

  • Jack Black
  • Jennifer Coolidge
  • Armie Hammer
  • Honey Boo Boo
  • August Maturo
  • David Fincher
  • Alfonso Herrera
  • Jason Priestley
  • Sarah Roemer
  • Mercy Johnson
  • Katie Findlay
  • Felix Jaehn

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